The Path of Purpose: Identifying Your Core Essence - For Spiritual Practitioners and Coaches

The Path of Purpose: Identifying Your Core Essence November 13, 20, & 27 2023

Do you know you have a higher purpose as a spiritual coach or practitioner, but you’re not clear what that purpose is?  

One of my students described it this way - “From a young age I felt like I was one of a kind, that I was here for a very big reason and that it was global. My legacy and my why in life is to make a genuine impact on the world. Now that feels like a tall order and I don't know if I am up for it but I have always felt this and the feeling has gotten stronger.“

In this two-day program, I’ll walk you through the steps to uncover your mission and step into your purpose.

  • Discover the core energy you hold
  • Identify the mission you’re already fulfilling and how you can bring that more into form
  • Tap into your unconscious and your higher consciousness to inform your journey
  • Learn how to overcome the resistance to stepping into the fullest expression of your authentic self

This is NOT the typical hype-and-sell “workshop”. This is REAL content with real results.  I run one of these events every month as part of the Ascend - Elevate program designed to help you overcome your blocks to success, master the energetics of your business, and tap into your intuition to guide your spiritual business.

Here’s what people said about the last program:  

"Right from the start of this class I felt Kelle's passion for her work and helping others to elevate to their highest potentials. Kelle's approach to spirituality and business is straight forward and accessible to all people looking to uplevel. She has influenced me to begin stepping into owning my power and identifying my self worth and value. I am grateful and looking forward to the rest of the week!" - Cassie Polzin

"Day 1 of the 5 day Awaken Abundance Challenge left me with so many AHA moments in regards to what is NOT working with the current business model. In addition to this the avenues of thought it opened up in how to proceed was like a flood gate. This was only Day 1! Kelle has a way of teaching that is compassionate yet straightforward. There is no fluff. All the stuff that does not matter is not included. In a world of constant information I cannot tell you how nice it is to have someone who has done the work cut out what is not necessary and eliminate countless hours and mental energy. This course is a steal for the price. Looking forward to applying the lessons learned." - J.D. Radewan

"When I enrolled in Awaken Abundance: 5-Day Transformation for Spiritual Practitioners and Coaches.  I sought a more direct and succinct path to connect and empower my clients. I had been working several traditional paths to marketing - feeling like a failure! Working with Kelle, I see that all these “traditional workshops” and marketing methods are not wrong - they just don’t get the Holistic market.

Kelle has poured everything into helping healers meet the immediate needs of their market with her years of experience! The materials were short, powerful, and immediately usable! She makes no bones about this unique market. I found priceless nuggets that instantly changed my marketing outlook. It gave me a strategic leg-up to significantly reposition my business.

While I was initially resistant to the boldness, Kelle starts with. I have a deep appreciation for her method of getting down to the facts at hand. It was easy for me to restructure my business and marketing methods. Kelle just makes sense and presents information in short, easy-to-implement steps! 

When you are ready to launch your business growth truly - Kelle’s programs are a significant shortcut to the heart of what you need. I felt like I gained more from Kelle in a few short hours than the past two years of trainings and workshops." - Amanda Beth of Amanda Beth Healing


We’ll be partnering up in this program and doing this as a workshop. The first day is defining the steps to uncover your mission. The second day will be getting and giving help for interpreting the information you uncovered in your homework.  

And, yes, if you can't make the call live, there will be a recording posted within 24 hours of the live calls.

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