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Kelle Sparta and the Coaching Team

Available Products

Welcome To The Woo - Dropping the Veil of Fear

How happy do you feel today? 

What can you do to make yourself happier?  

Welcome To The Woo - Self-Study Course

How happy do you feel today? 

What can you do to make yourself happier?  

Welcome To The Woo Mini #1: Overcoming Your Resistance to Change

Welcome to the Welcome to The Woo Mini program series.

The 6 programs in this series add up to the complete Welcome To The Woo Self-Study program.  We have offered it in this format to allow those who want to take on this work in sections to do so.  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND TAKING THE COURSES IN THE ORDER LISTED. The courses are self-referential and if you take a later course without taking the earlier one you will not understand some of the instructions nor have the foundation work complete for the exercises in that module.  It's also because this is the order we have found to be most efficient for the student learning process. 

This is step 1 of the series.

Do you ever get frustrated with yourself and wonder why you can't seem to move forward?  This course will show you what the resistances are that you are dealing with and how you can blast through them to finally create a life you can love.

Ritual Basics

This program will give you a solid foundation in the basics of ritual.  From building the altar to casting the circle, smudging, anointing, grounding, journaling, and holding the energy after the ritual - this gives you a start-to-finish approach to doing any ritual. 

From two elders in the magickal community - Kelle Sparta and Charlemagne Tremont.  Each with over 30 years of study and experience in the ritual world.  These powerhouses have led public and private ritual for decades. There is a wealth of information in this course from people who know what they are talking about through years of personal practice.

With over 2.5 hours of video instruction and 30 lessons, this program is jam-packed with great content. 

This is perfect for the beginner or intermediate student.

This program was originally produced to go with a moon circle we were running.  While we are no longer offering that circle, this material will help you create your own magical circles for years to come.

Intro to the Woo

This is your introduction to the World of Woo.

On the right, you'll find all kinds of resources to help you identify the blocks to happiness in your life.  Use these tools as a self-diagnostic.  

Below, you'll also see some classes that you can sign up for that will help you on your journey.  If you'd like to talk about  stepping on the express train to magic, personal power, happiness, and more, then apply here:  https://calendly.com/kellesparta/break-free

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